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Elvis Impersonator Jade Adams playing Elvis Presley guitar

Fit for a King: Jade Adams, a Presley lookalike, plays the singer's old instrument.

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Elvis Impersonator UK Jade Adams - Performing History

How my career as Elvis tribute artist started

My performing career started when I was a teenager. Me and my mate Nick had our first band together. In my late teens, early twenties I was a singer in 3 more bands and I had other friends with their own groups, so I would do a little guest singing with them at various venues.

Around 1990 I joined a model agency, and was quickly chosen to be apart of a production touring 54 theatres around the country. The show was a family show, with singing , acting and general laughs. Performing at these theatres gave me a great showbiz grounding for my future.

Although I had been an Elvis Presley fan since the age of 7, I didn't start doing the Elvis tribute acts until 1992. Some of my earliest performances as Elvis, was street busking. I did the busking for charity at various shopping centres in Suffolk and Essex.

As I got more well known I started to get bookings at pubs, clubs and some private venues, mainly as a direct result of people seeing me busk.

1992-93 I played a young Elvis in two different Elvis shows. A musical called "Lipstick on my collar", which was performed in theatres and the "Super star's legends show", which we performed at clubs around London. Doing this show enabled me to qualify for my equity card.

In the days before X factor I entered the Esther Rantzan's "Search for a star". I made the shortlist out of around 1500 entrants. Although I didn't get a place on the show the publicity I got, brought me more work as a Elvis impersonator.


First awards and TV performances as Elvis tribute artist

On the back of getting 2nd place to a very good Bob Geldof lookalike, at the "Sun Pat Peanut Butter" singing competition. I joined a few lookalike agencies. In the meantime I had entered a nationwide Elvis lookalike competition held in London. I went to the audition, and the next day some of us went on the "Big Breakfast" when I was anounced the winner by Chris Evans. This was the first of two appearences on the "Big Breakfast".

Around 1994 the work was starting to pick up from the Elvis lookalike agents. Between 1994 and 2000 I was lucky enough to get picked to do the press call, to promote the sale of Elvis's Martin D18 Guitar. That was the guitar Elvis Presley played "That's alright mama" on, at sun records in those early recording sessions. This asignment took me from "Christies" in London to the "Richard and Judy Show" in Liverpool. I also appeared on a pop video for the band "Sleeper", for the "Vegas" song. I've done some presenting on QVC shopping channel, when they did the Elvis specials selling memorabelia.

I got to work with Lilly Savage on channel 4's "Naked City" and the highlight of 1997 was being picked to do a "Mercury one 2 one" advert with Kate Moss. During the auditions for this commercial some photo's of me had to be sent to Elvis Presley Enterprises. I had to be endorsed, so I could appear in the advert.

In 1998 I co presented "Not fade away", a TV show dedicated to songs made famous by Elvis and covered by other artist's.


Live shows as as Elvis UK impersonator

In between my TV work I was always doing live performances at such places as the Hilton hotel and Dorchester London. Corperate events such as the Year 2000 party for British Airways, at Hickstead Showground, as well as the usual pubs, clubs and private functions.

Going back to 1994 my live perfoming career took a turn, when I entered a talent contest at Newmarket cabaret club. I got 2nd and was spotted by a promoter, and I went on to do a summer tour with Chas and Dave in 1995. A hot summer, busy but enyoyable as I was also doing 2-3 nights at an American diner in Essex.

I payed to go to acting school in 1998, while I was there I was headhunted to do "Elvis the Musical". The only trouble, having run for 21 years the musical was going on its last tour. I was so grateful to be asked to do the show, but I couldn't afford to lose my acting school tuition fee, so I sadly declined the show.


Elvis Impersonator Jade Adams nowadays

Up to the present day I have done many great assignments as Elvis tribute artist. I've sat on his motorbike, worn one of his jackets, and held his guitar. On the shoulders of a giant like Elvis Presley, I've enyoyed a good career and still enjoy it as much today as ever, so...

Let me come and perform for you!!! Call me now on 0798 993 2058!